AI and Web3.0 technologies for human brain and cognitive abilities development
Our mission - to contribute to the development of the practice of training the cognitive abilities of children, the development of research and the creation of educational materials in this area with the help of modern AI and Web3.0 technologies.
Our brain controls our lives and the development of the brain of our children is the base of cognitive health of all mankind in the future.

Every day, new neuroscience research proves the plasticity of the brain and the reason why it is so important to keep it in top shape. We use our brain daily. It is an organ that must be trained like a muscle in order to maintain its plasticity.

And it is especially important to do this at a young age - due to the regular development of cognitive abilities based on the methods of neuropsychological diagnostics and correction.
an open open-source web3.0 platform for interaction between educators and researchers in the field of neuropsychology and parents who want to develop the cognitive abilities of their children, laying the foundation for a successful life and cognitive health
practices for developing the cognitive abilities of their children, diagnostics and the basics of neuropsychology
Trainings and development
cognitive abilities, neuropsychological diagnostics, the formation of an individual development program using AI
in the field of neuropsychology, who gain access to unique data for analysis and research that allow the development of new practices and methods of neuropsychological development
Web 3.0 collaboration
contribute to the development and operation of the platform, receive a reward for each line of code and server time
contribute to the development of educational materials and parent education, receive a reward for each lesson completed
contribute to the development of diagnostic methods and neuropsychological correction and diagnostics, receive remuneration for the use of methods in the daily practice of parents
contribute to the collection of data for research through regular diagnostics and work with their children, are rewarded for using data in research and creating new methods and materials
Our principles
The platform code is open, developed through the efforts of the community of developers who contribute to its development
The platform unites the efforts of developers, educators, researchers and parents
Due to Web3.0 technologies, the platform provides a fair distribution of values among all participants according to the efforts invested: for each line of code, for each lesson viewed, for each lesson and test, for each exercise and methodology.
Education programms
Education program
"I am NeuroMama"
This program is designed to help you develop your child's cognitive skills.

Program author: Afanaseva Nadezhda

  • neuropsychologist-practitioner
  • teacher of the deaf
  • mother of many children raising two special daughters
  • author of the book "Vasilina-way home
  • author of courses on neurodiagnostics and correction
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